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Our All-American Girl

9 Apr

Scott and I began working on our registry back in December and it’s only now just complete.

Well, kind of complete.

During the holidays, we were both forwarded one of those chain emails about the economy and buying American-made products. I actually received two; one said that if every household in the country bought just one item made in the States, it would create 200,000 new jobs. The second said it would create 60,000 new jobs.

Who knows which number, if either, is correct. Still, we decided that maybe we could try to apply the concept to our nursery. What could it hurt? I’d do a little research, find some cool stuff made in America, and it would be awesome.

Three months, two spreadsheets, and hours of research later…

What started as simple google searches for “Item X made in the USA” became an obsession with supporting “good” companies. In the end, the quest became about so much more than being “Made in America”. That’s where we started but I ended up taking notes about the sizes and philosophies of companies, whether they were owned by individuals, families or large corporations, whether or not they were philanthropic and environmentally responsible…

I mean, whether you occupy streets or throw tea parties, who isn’t over the brazen greed of large conglomerates? Who isn’t sick of horrible quality and crap customer service? I was on a one-woman mission to end. it. all.

As long as I could get to bed by 9:00.

I won’t lie. We weren’t completely successful. The safety of the baby had to be the number one priority. And unless you want to invest in this patent-pending gem, you’re going to have to get your swing from China.

Then there was the issue of cost. The old saying rang true: “You get what you pay for”. If we spent extra money on items, how would we ever be able to afford everything the baby needs?? Here’s a true story. Babies don’t need as much as mass marketing would try to convince you of. And the last thing we need is more “stuff”. We have plenty of “stuff”. We’ve donated like 20 bags of “stuff” just to make room for Baby G.

Although it wasn’t easy, I did find some awesome companies to support. Here are some of my favorites.

California Baby – This lovely little company is based out of California and makes baby skin, bathing, and diaper products. They also have some fun stuff for mom. They have organic, solar powered factories and keep their products allergen and paraben free.

Thirsties Diapers – We decided awhile ago that we would be using cloth diapers. Had I known how many options there are, I would have started researching before I ever got pregnant. Thirsties diapers have a great reputation and are also proudly made in the USA. The components used in their diapers are also USA-sourced in an effort to support local textile mills. They are family-owned.

Muu – We bought our crib from Muu – an LA based company. They are dedicated to making high-quality products here in America. Their wood is sourced locally.

Leachco – A family-based company that produces a variety of infant, toddler, and mom-to-be products. We’ll be using their bath pad and nursing pillow (it’s very similar to the Boppy – just made in the USA).

Bamboosa – Bamboosa is based out of South Carolina and makes clothing products there out of organic bamboo. Awesome.

Bumbo – This company is actually based in South Africa. Production is done there as well. What impressed me about them is that nearly 100% of the profits are donated to charity.

There were some larger companies that make the majority of their products in China but still have a few factories here in the USA.

Britax – Britax makes their car seats here and the rest of their products elsewhere. We registered for their car seat and stroller. Getting a stroller made in the U.S. isn’t really possible. The Britax B-Agile had great reviews so we went with it.

Dr. Brown’s – Bottles were another thing that was nearly impossible to find made here. However, Dr. Brown’s does make one kind in the U.S.A. These bottles are also highly rated.

Whew! I am so glad to have finally finished this post!!