I Don’t Mean to Brag, but…

9 Jul

… I’m about to.

My weight was the same at my last pregnancy doctor’s appointment as it was on my first.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the misery of morning sickness (if you don’t remember I lost 12 pounds), however after I started feeling better, I made sure to continue eating healthy. I decided early on to avoid playing the “pregnancy card;” especially when it came to diet.

About two weeks before my c-section was originally scheduled, I stopped caring so much about being healthy. I was uncomfortable and started maternity leave. I wanted to enjoy nachos and ice cream and candy and steak and coffee cake. There was one problem – not much food would fit in my stomach. If I did devour a whole plate of yumminess, I would almost instantly regret it.

I was totally bummed. I wanted to EAT!

I guess this was a good thing though. The baby certainly didn’t need all of those calories.

Currently, I’m 15 pounds less than when I got pregnant.

It’s time to get back to this losing weight business.


3 Responses to “I Don’t Mean to Brag, but…”

  1. Cheryl Gerety July 9, 2012 at 8:37 am #

    This is so fabulous, Em!!! I can sure tell you’ve done so well with your weight, and I know you’re so thankful you did! I’m so proud of you in so many ways!!

    Love You!! Mama Cher

  2. Grey July 9, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

    That is great! If only I could say the same thing (and I’ve had more time!). But I’ve started being more careful about what I eat and thanks for the inspiration! I just gotta remember that it won’t happen over night even though I wish it would!!!! Lol! Keep it up!

    -Cousin Rachel

    • fat and sassy em July 15, 2012 at 10:57 am #

      Thanks! We’re trying to eat healthy too but having a newborn seems like such a great excuse to eat nothing but nachos!

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