Showers, Soundproofing, and Survival

8 May

The past several weeks have been incredibly busy. So much is going on and it is getting harder and harder for me to keep up!


My cousins hosted a beautiful shower on the 28th. I spent the morning getting pampered and the afternoon opening some of the most ridiculously cute clothes EVER. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it a special day for me – it really was amazing!

My work shower was just two days later. I am fortunate enough to work with several people who I can consider friends. A few of these friends hosted the event. Baby G got tons more clothes and tons more gift cards. It was another marvelous time and I owe a big thank you to everyone who came.


Since the hubs has been kicked out of his man cave, he needs a place to play the guitar.

He gets the closet.

Since the closet is right next to the baby’s room, we decided to soundproof the space. The fact that he’s always wanted his own soundproof room also helped make the decision. Everyone wins here.

I have had to strictly budget our time considering everything that is going on. I budgeted one weekend for the soundproofing of the closet. Ha.

Ha. Ha. Ha.


It’s been three weeks. After coming home every night after and working on it, we’ve finally got the drywall up. We still need to do some sealing and lay the vinyl flooring. But we’re close.   And still married.   Go us.

What have we learned from this experience? Hire people.


To help Jordan with his transition to big brotherhood, I put together a “Survival Kit” for him to open at my shower. It included the following:

Berenstain Bear Books – “To Read to Baby G”
Ninjago Books – “Just for him”
A camera – “To capture memories”
A journal – “To record memories”
Star Wars burp cloths – “To protect his clothes”
An “I heart my big brother” onesie – “To Give to Baby G”
Several coupons for him to  redeem after the little girl arrives; including one for a round of mini golf with dad and one for a movie with mom

His favorite item so far has definitely been the camera. He has also been practicing with his Berenstain Bear books so that he’s ready when his little sister gets here. He’ll be an awesome big brother!

(For a longer post on how we’re helping Jordan transition, click here)


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