Another Update

31 Dec

We had another doctors appointment Friday morning.

We spoke with the doctor about scheduling my c-section. It will be awhile before we finalize the date but it will definitely be during the 39th week of pregnancy. Week 39 starts on May 28th – Memorial Day and my birthday. That day is out. May 31st is my brother’s birthday. That day’s out. What we’re left with is May 29th, May 30th, or June 1st.

Also, I’m not immune to chicken pox. This didn’t surprise me – I’ve had it twice.

After the chit-chat, the doctor attempted to find the baby’s heartbeat. As she was scanning, her Doppler quit working. Since it was important to check the heart rate, she grabbed the portable ultrasound and we got to see Baby G for few moments. 🙂

Baby G also received their first Christmas present(s)! They included spoons, diapers, blankets, burp cloths and a few newborn sleepers – all in greens and yellows.

We’re not even halfway through the pregnancy and this baby already has a larger wardrobe than I do. Right now, it’s got a gender-neutral, around-the-world theme going on with onesies from Disneyland, Vegas, New York, and Nova Scotia. Of course, I’m no help. In fact, I’m getting ready to order this little gem 🙂

Only a week and a half until we find out the sex of the baby!


One Response to “Another Update”

  1. Doris Griffin January 1, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    so excited for you — love the updates!!

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