Notes to My Skinny Self

5 Jul

I am not too ashamed to admit that when I daydream, I’m always skinny. And super hot. My wardrobe is *amazing* because skinny girls look good in everything, right?


We went on vacay this past weekend. The weather was warm and the clothes were scant… even in Disneyland. While observing some of the women strutting around, I decided to take a few notes for myself. For, you know, when I’m one of those skinny girls.

Notes to Skinny Em:

  • Tie dye pink halter tops are not attractive.
  • Sporting a bikini top and cellulite at the same time doesn’t work.
  • The whole booty hanging out of the cut-offs may look sexy on Rhianna but it’s trashy in real life.
  • Even at a size zero, it is possible to find clothes that are way too small.
  • No matter how in-shape you are, gym shorts should be left at the gym.

And last but definitely not least:

  • Never, ever, ever, ever, ever spend your whole vacation eating salads.

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