Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

7 Jun

Wow! It’s been like six weeks since my last post… Life has been hectic. And to be honest, I’ve been a bit ashamed. I haven’t lost a pound in those six weeks.

Not one. single. pound.

See, what happened was, May came. It’s all May’s fault.

First, there was Mother’s Day. That may not seem like a big deal, but think about it for a minute. Basically, the world has said since you bust your butt for everyone else 364 days a year, and we’re going to give you one day to reward yourself. After a year of tending to everyone else’s needs, you can bet your sweet chunky behind that I’m going to make my one day count. BIG time.

After that, we took a trip to Monterey to celebrate my birthday. Now keep in mind, this was the weekend before my actual birthday. And there was a food festival at the aquarium. Food festival. We stayed at the Plaza. Inside the Plaza lives Schooners. Schooners receives awards for it’s margaritas. So, we may have had some.

The week after our aquarium trip, a couple of different friends took me out for my birthday. Then there was a cake. Then there was my actual birthday. The hubs cooked for me. The next morning there was a birthday brunch at the in-laws. Then there was another birthday dinner. The next week there we a couple of more birthday lunches.

And now here are. Weight loss-less for six weeks. Pathetic, I know.


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